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I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my CrossFit journey then from what NewCov has provided me with thus far. The first two months, at a price you can’t beat, was the perfect start and also allowed you to get a feel for the workouts and the gym. The trainers are awesome and really go into detail with proper technique and form, ensuring you learn the movement or skill correctly. You can tell that they sincerely care about their members and their knowledge and guidance has been amazing. The class times are widespread, so you are able to make a class no matter how crazy your schedule, and the open gyms are convenient if you just want to come in an do your own thing. The atmosphere is so warm, and you feel welcomed with wide arms, no matter your age or fitness level. Overall, I highly recommend this gym, and I personally cannot wait to continue training, improving my fitness overall, and continuing to build new friendships as well!


NewCov has gone through some major updates! It’s been a year since I’ve been here, and now that I’m back, I’m excited to see so many nice changes. This gym is huge, and it’s being utilized to it’s full potential now. With one big room dedicated to just bootcamp and boxing classes. This is a nice new addition to this gym because not everyone is comfortable going straight into CrossFit, and are just looking for a good team workout. Major kudos to the owner of this gym, she is doing a great job!


I started CrossFit here at NewCov in January, so I am still very new. NewCov provided me with a great price to try my first two months, where I attended the beginner classes. They taught me how to perform each lift with the correct form, which I feel is very important! They offer classes all throughout the day to fit your schedule, and the trainers are amazing. The gym has a positive, welcoming atmosphere for people of all ages. NewCov holds many competitions and events that push its athletes to their limits, no matter what skill level you are. Lastly, the gym is very clean and has great equipment. Overall, this is an amazing gym in which I plan to continue to grow and better my health. You should too!


I’ve been attending NewCov consistently for the past two months and feel so fortunate to have a CrossFit gym such as this, in Northern Kentucky. What not only attracted me, but highly impacted my decision to join was Emily’s Beginner CrossFit classes, (Starting a new fitness routine is intimidating enough! This allowed myself to feel more comfortable with the transition, increased confidence with movements/technique, and meet the trainers), having childcare provided, and a kids class (My daughter loves both the girls in the childcare and participating in the kids CrossFit class). Other awesomeness at NewCov is: trainers are knowledgable, trainers’ critique to improve your movement/reduce injury (They’re always watching, which I love), members are some of the coolest people with various backgrounds, all age and fitness levels surround you, and programs provided are challenging (Love a difficult task/finding weaknesses).


I joined NewCov CrossFit a couple months ago. I had been looking for a new gym that wasn’t your typical commercial gym. I’ve been lifting for years, and have trained at a powerlifting gym, but a little intimidated with the Olympic lifts and CrossFit in general. A friend asked me to join her in the beginner classes. The coaches are very knowledgeable, patient, and offer great support and encouragement. They work with each person to make sure you are performing the lifts safely, with proper form. I am enjoying the classes and the process of learning all the new lifts, as well as the camaraderie at the gym. Very welcoming by all! They offered a great deal for the first two months and the membership fee in general is very reasonable for everything that is offered.


NewCov CrossFit is great! Being an endurance athlete for the last 12 years, I considered myself a pretty fit dude before I stepped foot in NewCov CrossFit. I was, but I hadn’t realized how much I had neglected strength development and mobility. If you’re new to CrossFit, you can’t beat their beginner class. If you’re intimidated by the idea of CrossFit, don’t be. The people at NewCov are the best part about the gym. They are welcoming, encouraging and a fun group of inspirational folks. Come check it out!


As someone who had no prior CrossFit experience, I was a little hesitant to jump into something both new and intimidating. So far, my experience has been beyond wonderful. I have received a lot of one on-one-coaching, correcting form and emphasizing safety. The workout changes daily and is always challenging, so you are never bored. The coaches and members have been very welcoming! I highly recommend NewCov, from someone new to the sport to the advanced athlete, there is a place for everyone!


Joined NewCov a couple of months ago and it was the best decision I could have made. I was tired of going to your traditional, un-motivating gym and was looking for a challenge. I definitely got what I was looking for and then some! The trainers are the best! They encourage and motivate you, while making sure you are doing everything the right way. Everyone that my husband and I have met have been so friendly and welcoming. We actually look forward to going to the classes and feel guilty on the days we have to miss and love the results so far. Highly recommend!


I moved to the area a few months ago and checked out several CrossFit gyms. NewCov was by far the best in the area. The instructors are awesome! Super friendly, knowledgeable, and help push you to achieve your goals. This gym is for people of all abilities and definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a great community to be apart of.


Two months ago, we took a chance and tried NewCov CrossFit. We started in the beginner classes and worked our way up to the CrossFit classes. Erick and I needed something competitive to get us back in shape and keep us motivated. We enjoy our gym and the people there, and encourage anyone out there to give it a try!

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Been doing CrossFit for years but just started at NewCov a couple months ago. Really spacious gym with plenty of equipment, and is able to handle large class sizes relatively easily. The coaches are knowledgeable and give out good pointers. Location is easy to get to and there is never an issue finding a place to park. Compared to other CrossFit gyms in the area the pricing is really good too. If you are thinking of starting up CrossFit for the first time, are new to the area and looking for a new gym, come check out NewCov!


NewCov is great! I was pretty intimidated to get started and go to my first class, but I shouldn’t have been! The first few weeks are beginner focused, with extra instruction and attention. This was exactly the gym I’ve been looking for! The staff and other gym members are friendly and always willing to help or answer any question you may come up with!


My experience at NewCov these past few weeks has been AWESOME! I started with the beginner classes and Em’s Fitcamp. These workouts were challenging and a great way to ease into the regular CrossFit classes. The coaches are very knowledgable and patient with beginners. I am now in the regular CrossFit classes and look forward to every workout. Everyone is very supportive and welcoming! If you are considering joining a CrossFit gym, I highly recommend NewCov!


With the transfer to the University of Cincinnati, meant the transfer of my gym as well. Being from a small town with a great sports performance gym I had called home for five years, I knew I would miss it. NewCov has been everything I could’ve hoped for and then some. I have no problem calling this gym a new home. The community has been great with everyone being encouraging and motivating. The coaches are top notch and have helped me in many ways. I look forward coming in each night and for many nights to come


My wife and I were looking to get back into a workout routine, but wanted to try something different than the traditional gym. That is when we discovered NewCov and signed up for their beginner package. Emily and the entire staff are extremely helpful and really take the time to make sure all the movements are done correctly and safely. Now that we have completed the beginner portion and have moved to the regular classes, I find myself looking forward to getting to the gym and the next workout. I highly recommend NewCov to anyone looking to get started with CrossFit and actively tell everyone I know about them!


I’ve been doing CrossFit for a few years and recently started going to NewCov. It is a great gym with knowledgeable coaches and tons of space and equipment. Definitely worth coming in for a free Saturday class to check it out!


Started going to NewCov a few months ago, after a very long hiatus from working out. Best decision I could have made. The atmosphere is amazing, everyone is welcoming and nice and the coaches are very knowledgeable and push you to be the best you can. I highly recommend if you are even slightly thinking about joining a gym, to give NewCov a look.


Awesome experience- I was wanting to get into a routine and hold myself accountable, and NewCov has been a platform for exactly that. Really great energy in the class and great instruction. The beginner/elements class is very thorough and the instructors are very engaging and fun!


Since starting at NewCov in February, the gym and the atmosphere have been awesome. Coaches are very knowledgeable and the equipment is exactly what you need. Having the 6 A.M. class option has also been a great benefit.


When moving down here from a box that we loved, it was hard to find one that compares. NewCov definitely did! From their amazing facility, to the challenging, but awesome programming, wonderful coaches, and great community. Everyone has been welcoming and truly made us feel like part of the NewCov family!


I cannot say enough great things about NewCov. I started here with no experience in CrossFit, but the trainers are top notch in knowledge and motivation! I highly recommend this gym for experienced and novice athletes.


I have recently joined NewCov, knowing very little about CrossFit. I love it. I am middle-aged and I was a bit worried I would not be able to keep up with the class. The coaches were so helpful and I never felt uncomfortable. I can go at my own pace and it is very challenging yet doable.


I did CrossFit for the first time in high school, but had a long, hideous seven years. I came to check out NewCov and haven’t left. Everyone is really nice, the trainers are sure to give you some extra attention when you’re new to lock down form, and the workouts are challenging. It fit my needs perfectly as a former athlete looking for a fitness community to give me the team sports feel.


I’ve been going to to NewCov CrossFit for a couple months now, after five months off from CrossFit. It is great to get back in it and return to being healthy and fit. The gym has been great so far. Great people, great coaches and a very large facility. Everyone is very helpful and you could tell the coaches want you to push yourself to succeed. Emily’s (the owner) passion for the people and the facility is inspiring. You can’t go wrong coming to NewCov. Great location, plenty of parking and a competitive price for this area. All you have to do is show up and try, everything else falls into place.


Joined NewCov Crossfit after a three year gap from CrossFit, and have been a regular for the last two months. I have to say, this is the best CrossFit in the area. From the coaches to the facility to the other members who I work out with, it really has been great so far. Everyone pushes each other and in two short months, I have made considerable improvements in all aspects of CrossFit. I recommend this to anyone looking to make improvements in their strength and agility.


I initially signed up for the two month special. However, I got really sick right after signing up. They were very understanding and extended my contract for me since I barely got to go! The coaches are extremely helpful and the atmosphere here is amazing. I look forward to this upcoming year and hope to get in the best shape of my life thanks to the people at NewCov!


NewCov is a highly supportive gym with an excellent team who stress proper form and safety. Workouts are challenging, yet, instructors motivate members to move at their best pace. After completing the two-month beginners program, it’s a pretty confident and easy decision to continue my membership at NewCov.


I started NewCov CrossFit a couple of months ago, and find the instructors very informed and helpful. The members are friendly and helpful as well. There is plenty of equipment and space. There are numerous classes. You can scale any activity to your ability and are encouraged/ supported to do so until you have proper form and technique. Whatever your personal goals are, they can be achieved at NewCov.


I started CrossFit a few months ago and I love it! Everyday it challenges me to push myself and be better. The trainers are amazing and they are very helpful and knowledgeable!


I definitely have enjoyed my time at NewCov! I love how much time they set aside to teach all the different movements. They also help you transition into the regular classes, which is very helpful because I was nervous to make that transition. The coaches are great and approachable. You can tell they’re big on form, and doing things the right way. You can’t find that everywhere!


I was looking for something new and this was definitely it! I started with the New You Challenge, and have been hooked ever since. I feel stronger than I’ve ever been. The trainers and other classmates have been encouraging, which makes for a very welcoming atmosphere. I would recommend this gym for anyone who wants the complete workout!


I cannot say enough good things about NewCov! I really had no idea what I did not know about CrossFit. They took me from the coach (thank you!) to a point where I am now lifting weights over my head. I have not felt this energized in years. All of my instructors, like Emily, Dave and Jerome, have really taken their time to make sure my form is good. It’s so appreciated, they don’t give up on you, they really care. Can’t wait to see where I go from here. Loving NewCov.


I decided to try out CrossFit because my friend had been telling me how great it is, and the commercial gym I was going to was un-motivating! I did the two month trial and loved it, signing up! – The community is awesome, everyone is super supportive, and the class schedules are pretty flexible. Highly recommended gym in the Cincinnati area.


I decided to try CrossFit and did a three month long trial. The class times were really flexible and the coaches are great! They focus on making sure each person practices good form and is being safe. The community is awesome as well! The members are very friendly, helpful, and motivating. I highly recommend this gym to anyone who wants to try out CrossFit or looking for a new gym to join.


I have found my new CrossFit home at NewCov CrossFit. The gym is big enough that even when there are a lot of people in class, it never feels too crowded. All of the coaches do a great job watching and correcting movements to ensure a safe environment. When I first started, the other members made an effort to introduce themselves and make me feel welcome to the class. The app is very easy to use and helps to keep me accountable. Can’t say enough great things about NewCov and would recommend it to everyone I know!


NewCov CrossFit has been great since I started. I’ve been going for roughly a month and a half so far, and love the workouts they put together. CrossFit really takes you out of your comfort zone, which is what I was looking for. All of the trainers are extremely nice and truly push you to better yourself. Very glad I joined when I did!!


Was in town for work and bought the 3-pack + shirt for $45. What a steal! Oh, and, great workouts, friendly and knowledgeable coaches, huge space. Highly recommend!


Julie told me about a New You Challenge that her CrossFit gym was offering. I have always enjoyed working out so I thought I would try something different. Well, I thought I was in okay shape, until I tried CrossFit. I absolutely love it. The staff and other members of the gym are very welcoming and helpful. I’ve learned a lot and plan to continue learning. I am also really enjoying the BIG ASS FANS Emily put in. It makes a huge difference.


I would highly recommend this gym for anyone and everyone. Everyone here is nice, encouraging and helpful.


Welp, I’m addicted!! NewCov has been a great community and the coaches are AWESOME! They know their stuff. I was always intimidated by CrossFit, and didn’t believe people when they said that anyone could do CrossFit…but it’s true!! These coaches break down the moves piece by piece, and they continue giving you feedback as you get better. If you are intrigued, but hesitant about CrossFit, give NewCov a try!! You’ll end up feeling stronger, more energized, and be around a healthy, thriving community. It’s the most efficient use of my workout time, and it makes a great study break!


So far, I’ve done the 20 for 20 classes, and now feel ready to start the program. As background, I’m over 50, in reasonable condition, but hadn’t done weight training in a decade. The pace was good, the instruction thorough and although strenuous, I never felt so tired/sore I couldn’t get on with the rest of my day. I’m looking forward to jumping into class and seeing the progress continue. Thanks!


I’ve worked out and weightlifted for years, but recently hit a plateau. NewCov CrossFit was what I needed to break through that and help me get closer to achieving my goals. The coaches are great and the facility has ample space. I highly recommend!


NewCov coaches are very helpful and knowledgeable. Members and staff make feel like a big family.


Third CrossFit gym I’ve been a member of, and by far my favorite. I made the mistake of switching to a different box because of a large price difference (I’m a poor college kid), but I quickly regretted it and switched back here as soon as I could. The only negative is that the building is old and gets hot during the summer months. But the immense space, coaching talent, friendly general members, quality ownership, and plethora of equipment far outbalance the building’s age. Highly recommend this place to anyone wanting to try CrossFit for the first time, people moving from a previous location, or for a drop-in. You won’t regret it.


I signed up for the six week bootcamp with no intention of actually joining the gym. I now love it. When the coaches critique you the tiniest bit, it makes a huge difference. Everyone is very nice and encouraging.


NewCov is great! My initial two month membership ended today and needless to say, I’m going back for more! What I really love is how many class times are available. I can always find time to get a WOD in regardless of what my schedule looks like that day. Can’t wait to see my fitness level progress with the help of their great coaches and motivating environment!