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Personal Training Packages

Current Special of 20 for 20

1st session is $20. This link allows you to sign up and pay for the $20 session. We are currently running a special 20 sessions for $20 each.
BUY 20 for $20 Each

Once you purchase your 20 sessions, text Emily at 859-609-2778 to set up your first personal training session.

Personal Training

Our personal training staff members get excited to help members and non-members achieve their fitness goals. With first-hand knowledge and experiences with body transformations, as well as training specific to weight loss, injury prevention / rehabilitation and nutrition, our trainers are some of the best in the area. Our trainers:

  • Know the body and basic concepts of exercise and nutrition
  • Evaluate your situation to understand your fitness background and personal goals
  • Motivate you to keep going and to be the best you, you can be!

Training for CrossFit athletes

Struggling with a CrossFit exercise? Ready to set the goal to accomplish it, but need more 1:1 instruction? Our trainers can help!

Let’s Do This

Training for non-CrossFit athletes

Each session will be customized to you. Your personal health and fitness goals are set and a plan is put in place for your success!

Let’s Do This

What’s Included in Personal Training?

All personal training sessions last between 45 – 60 minutes. During the initial session, 15-20 minutes will be utilized to discuss your fitness background, current fitness level and nutrition goals. The remaining time will be structured skills development and a workout to kickstart your fitness. After the initial evaluation, a customized, personalized and goal-focused plan is put into place. Each session thereafter will follow the plan developed especially for you.

Single Session


2 to 4 Sessions


5 to 8 Sessions


9 or More Sessions



Why NewCov CrossFit?

Flexible to Your Schedule

The class times fit into everyone’s schedule


Babysitting is available during many of our classes

Proven Athletes

Great competitive athletes to meet—6x Regional Team at CrossFit Games

Large Facility

11,000 square foot facility, wide range of equipment, showers & more

Centrally Located

Less than one mile from downtown Cincinnati