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Experienced CrossFitters?

If you have completed an on-ramp or beginner program at another CrossFit gym, you are free to jump right into our regular classes.

Click on the button to make your purchase and arrive 5 minutes ahead of time before your 1st class to check-in with a trainer.

$150 – 6 Weeks Unlimited Classes

Never Tried CrossFit?

Our 6 week Beginner Program includes 3 Weeks of Unlimited Beginner CrossFit Classes and 3 Weeks Unlimited Regular CrossFit Classes. You will also have full access to our Em’s Fitcamp Classes during the entire 6 weeks. During the beginner classes, we teach you the fundamentals of lifting and skills used in CrossFit. But it’s not all instructional, you will also partake in our beginner CrossFit Workout of the Day!

You can start your 6 weeks at any time. Ready to sign up now ? Click on the $150 6 Week Beginner Program button below to make your purchase and just show up to any beginner CrossFit Class a few minutes ahead of time to get checked in. Please enter the Newport Fitness Main Entrance.

Beginner CrossFit Class Times: 

Monday thru Thursday – 6:15AM – 7AM

Monday thru Thursday – 7PM – 7:45PM

Saturday – Noon – 1PM

Purchase 6 Week Special – $150

Can I try you out before signing up? 

Sure Can! Click on the Free Week Trial Button. You can use this towards any Em’s Fitcamp or Beginner CrossFit Class. Please enter the Newport Fitness entrance and arrive a few minutes ahead of time to get checked in.


What to do if you can’t make these Beginner CrossFit Class Times??

No Worries! You can replace your 3 weeks of beginner Classes with 4 private sessions with a trainer to learn proper technique. This option includes 8 weeks of CrossFit. Your first week begins on the day of your first private session.

Click on the Button below for the private session beginner program. Text us at 859-577-9692 to get your first private beginner class set up.

Purchase Private Session Beginner Package – $230 (8 Weeks)
Free Trial Week

Want a FREE Week to check us out? Click on the link above. You can use this toward’s any beginner CrossFit or Em’s Fitcamp Class.