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Experienced CrossFitters?

If you have completed an on-ramp or beginner program at another CrossFit gym, you are free to jump right into our regular classes.

Click on the button to make your purchase and arrive 5 minutes ahead of time before your 1st class to check-in with a trainer.

Never Tried CrossFit?

Our 8 week special includes 6 weeks of unlimited beginner crossfit classes and Em’s Fitcamp classes (bootcamp style). After 6 weeks, you may choose to enter our regular crossfit classes or remain in the beginner and Fitcamp program.

You will need to register for your 1st beginner class. The 1st class is FREE to let your try it out.

If you decide you like our program, you may purchase the $150 special in person or by clicking on the purchase link below.

Click Here to Register for your 1st Class
Click Here to Purchase – $150 Special