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Experienced CrossFitters?

If you have completed an on-ramp or beginner program at another CrossFit gym, you are free to jump right into our regular classes.

Click on the button to make your purchase and arrive 5 minutes ahead of time before your 1st class to check-in with a trainer.

$150 – 6 Weeks Unlimited Classes

Never Tried CrossFit?

Our 6 week Beginner Program includes 3 Weeks of Unlimited Beginner CrossFit Classes and Bootcamp Classes and 3 Weeks unlimited Regular CrossFit and Bootcamp Classes. Beginner Programs start every 3 weeks. The challenge includes before and after physical challenges. Winner wins a free 6 month membership! All others will receive a 6 month discounted contract if they choose to stick with the program. Start dates are shown below.

If you don’t want to wait until the next start date, no problem!

Option #1 You can purchase our 8 week program for $230, which includes 4 private beginner sessions with a trainer followed by unlimited access to all regular Crossfit and bootcamp classes. Text Emily at 859-609-2778 to get your first private beginner session set up.

Option #2 Complete Em’s Fitcamp Classes Free of Charge until our next Beginner Crossfit Session Begins! Em’s Fitcamp is a modified version of CrossFit and incorporates similar key elements, but without the use of Barbells.  Click Here to get the Free Pass.

Purchase 6 Week Beginner Program ($150)
Click Here to Purchase – $230 8 week beginner option

Beginner Program Start Dates 

January 28th – Get Free Trial Pass between now and February 3rd. 

February 18th

March 11th

April 1st

April 22nd

May 13th

June 3rd

June 24th

July 15th

August 5th

August 26th

September 16th

October 7th

October 28th

November 18th

December 9th

Free Trial – Between now and February 3rd