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Experienced Crossfitters

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Beginner Crossfitters

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We know, it’s hard to invest in yourself, but ask any of our members and they will say, “trust me NewCov is worth the investment.” Our trainers not only teach you (and reinforce) techniques, they help you set and understand how to achieve your personal goals.

YOU are a Crossfitter

With modifications for every movement, you can start today. Everyone has different starting points and goals, we work to cater to you!

KNOW your abilities

No one walks in to our box knowing their full spectrum of ability. We strive to help you find yours and push you to go further every day!

HOW does it work

You must complete six (or more, that’s up to you) beginner classes before entering the RX program. Everyone is helpful and friendly, so don’t worry, you’ll fit right in!

Still Not Convinced? 

Call or text us at 859.905.0271 to schedule a time to come and observe a class in action!

If you’re convinced this is right for you, the next time you come in, you will sign a waiver, join our Beginner program and get started on your fitness journey.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals