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Grid League Style


Come join us for our 2nd Annual Battle of the Boxes!! The workouts will be Grid League Style, meaning send in your specialists! That’s right! Your heavy lifters get to lift weight, your gymnastic gurus can swing on rings and walk on their hands and your cardio junkies can run, row, bike and burpee all over the place!

We will have a variety of skills ranging from beginner level all the way through Advanced Level.

Team Requirements 

Between 6 to 10 People- minimum 3 Females.

NOTE: Last year, we required a certain amount of masters and scaled athletes. We decided to remove that requirement this year, but there will be skills that beginner level athletes will be able to complete.

WOD Announcements

There will be 6 WODS and one Floater this year. Each WOD will specify the amount of people who can compete in each WOD.

The first 3 WODS & Floater have been posted. We will release the last 3 WODS on Monday, March 11th at 8PM.








1st 5 Teams to Register – $350

Teams 6 to 10 to Register – $390

Teams 11 to 15 to Register – $420

Teams 16 and up to Register – $450