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Free Community Class

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Let me guess, a friend told you about CrossFit and you’re intrigued, ready to connect to this wonderful community, but don’t know where / how to start! Have you watched videos to see what it’s all about? If not, don’t worry, you should sign up and check it out for yourself! Come to our community class to get a sampling of what a WOD (Workout of the Day) is like, meet our instructors and get sweaty.

What to Expect

The community classes are normally large in size, but our trainers welcome each and every person and will be around to ensure you know what is going on. We will start with a dynamic warm-up followed by instruction on movements like an air squat, push-ups, sit ups, ring rows, box step ups or kettlebell swings. The trainer (or friend) will help you “scale” (make the exercises harder or easier based on your level of fitness) and explain the WOD. You will do a short workout typically 10-15 minutes long and then cool down.

Sign up today, sign the waiver and we will see you and your friends on Saturday!

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Why NewCov CrossFit?

Flexible to Your Schedule

The class times fit into everyone’s schedule


Babysitting is available during many of our classes

Proven Athletes

Great competitive athletes to meet—6x Regional Team at Crossfit Games

Large Facility

12,000 square foot facility, wide range of equipment, showers & more

Centrally Located

Less than one mile from downtown Cincinnati