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We realize CrossFit can be intimidating, but since opening in 2011, NewCov has been focused on developing individuals – one person at a time. Our trainers not only teach technique, they help you understand your potential and set goals, while motivating you to accomplish them! Located less than one mile from downtown Cincinnati, our cross-functional fitness programs are designed to offer a new, exciting workout every day.

Emily Wagner, Owner/Trainer

Beginner, RX, Em’s Fitcamp, Kids Barbell Club &  Personal Training

With a passion for this type of fitness, sport and business, it was never my dream to own a gym, but now, I can’t imagine my life without it. Our members are our family – I thrive on getting to know them personally, from their names, their kids, their professions, their workout abilities and goals, and many times even their social lives.

The atmosphere that CrossFit provides allows the building of personal connections and it’s the connections that make my career so rewarding. I love seeing my members meet their goals, whether it’s losing weight, gaining a new skill or fitness level, or hitting a new personal lifting record. It means so much to me to know that I played a part in helping them.

I take our training program and the safety of our members seriously. Our staff continues to make me proud with their dedication to this gym. Our members make me proud with the commitment to fitness and commitment to the NewCov Community – this is my family!

  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CrossFit Kids Certification

  • Outlaw Science and Precision Camp

  • Attitude Nation Seminar

  • Collegiate Cheerleading National Championship

  • 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 CrossFit Regionals Competitor

Alicia Wagner, Trainer

Beginner, RX

In September 2009, my sister, Emily, begged me to come try CrossFit, and well, after a month’s worth of nagging, I finally did. Like most people, I was instantly hooked. The 7-minute workout exhausted me more than a two-hour session had done previously. 

I have always been a competitive spirit, and CrossFit has been the perfect outlet to exercise (pun intended) that drive. Pushing myself to limits that seem so tough with a triumphant finish challenges and excites me. 

In 2010, I earned my Level 1 certification and started to coach others. Seeing our members conquer the same fears that I had as a “newbie,” is not only inspirational but rewarding. There is nothing more joyous in the gym than seeing someone PR, especially after a back and forth battle of self doubt. The evolution of a person’s journey within CrossFit is truly why I love the sport. 

My intentions at first were to improve my physique, build strength, improve skills, compete in local competitions, make it to Regionals, and to compete with a Newcov team at the CrossFit Games. Having now competed in six (6) regional competitions, the drive to work hard and keep pushing to achieve all of my goals is thanks to the love and support of the NewCov family.

  • CrossFit Level 1

  • The Outlaw Way Training Camp

  • Regionals Team Competitor 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

David Fairbanks, Trainer

Rx, Head Coach Barbell Club 

After watching CrossFit from afar for more than a year and constantly talking to anyone who would listen to me about it, one day one of my coworkers finally got fed up and told me to “Shut up talking about it and go try it.” I searched the internet to find the closest box to me and NewCov CrossFit popped up.

After trying one of the Free Saturday Noon classes I was hooked. That was August 2011; in late 2012, I elevated my knowledge and took it to a training level. In 2013, the birth of my son took me away from coaching, but not my personal fitness for a while. Now, I’m back in the gym and enjoy breaking down the elements of our skills for our members. 

August 2016, I earned my CrossFit Level 1 certification. 

To this day, I am motivated to continue on my fitness journey not only so that I can stay healthy and active but because I want to always set a good example (now as a father). I focus to ensure I am demonstrating and practicing the same techniques that I require of our members.

It is an honor to have the members of NewCov entrust me with helping them reach their fitness goals one hour at a time. I love breaking down the movements for them and seeing them reap the benefits of learning how to do each movement correctly and efficiently. It’s also great to see them take those correct and efficient movements and use them to see just how far they can push themselves mentally and physically. NewCov is a great community and I am proud to be a part of it.

  • CrossFit Level 1

  • USAW Certified

  • Collegiate Athlete (Football and Baseball – Union College 08’)

  • Regionals Team Competitor (2013 & 2014)

Ally Malkowski, Trainer


My Dad introduced me to CrossFit my junior year of high school (2012). Before CrossFit, we had participated in bootcamps for four years. Being an athlete (basketball, cross country and track), I worked out to enhance my abilities in these sports. When CrossFit came into my life, I was hooked!

I started out every morning before school at the box with my dad, attempting to figure out the different lifts, kipping pull ups and rope climbs. Hating the strength and weightlifting part most; this is funny because that is now my favorite. I’ve now been consistently crossfitting for two years, and I absolutely love it. 

The NewCov community is by far my favorite part; I love watching people hit goals and PRs. The friendships I have made throughout this journey are incredible. 

Coaching wasn’t something I was excited to do; however, when Emily asked me to teach the CrossFit Kids and Beginner classes, it actually intrigued me, so I decided to go for it (and I love it)! 

Outside of CrossFit I am a 4th year student at the University of Cincinnati studying Middle Childhood Education. I also lead YoungLife, which is an outreach ministry to high school students.

  • CrossFit Level 1

  • 2016 Central Regional Team Competitor

Raquel Theodosopoulos, Trainer

Beginner, RX, Em’s Fitcamp

It was in 2015, when I was deployed to Norway with the U.S. Marine Corps when I was introduced to CrossFit. A friend and I had decided to try out a class and after the “filthy fifty,” that was it – I was addicted.

After a 15-year career as a soccer athlete, I joined the Marines, then after four years, I decided to pursue a degree in Health Ed- Exercise and Fitness at the University of Cincinnati.

Fitness has been my whole life; I love every sweating second of it. CrossFit makes you an athlete, no matter your skill level. You have joined a community that decided average will not suffice. You compete with yourself everyday.

I love this gym. I love this community. I love coaching. Nothing is more rewarding than the high fives, the jumping and the cheering of excitement after helping YOUR athletes overcome their expectations everyday. In CrossFit, you are not here to push your limits. You are here to prove you never had any.

  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CrossFit Level 2

John Pasquale, Trainer

Beginner, RX, Em’s Fitcamp & Personal Trainer 

Coming off a second ACL surgery, I was lying in bed watching ESPN when the CrossFit Games aired. I was instantly hooked!

Playing college baseball at Northern Kentucky University and Mount St. Joseph College, I always enjoyed athletics and training as an athlete. With pure enjoyment from competition and a team atmosphere, specifically at NewCov, my passion grew quickly! After graduating with a degree in Marketing, my passion continued, leading me to get my CrossFit-L1 certification and begin training.

As a coach, I enjoy creating an environment where I help others succeed.  Whether it surrounds doing a workout faster, setting squat PR’s, or finally getting a technique down, I love to help people improve.  As a NewCov member, I enjoy the competition against yourself and friendly competition with others. With all the different movements, I feel strong and conditioned to drive myself to be the best I can be, while inspiring others!

In my spare time, you will find me with my dog, Parker, exploring Cincinnati or playing golf (badly). I also love traveling and dropping in at other CrossFit gyms. My future goals include: improving my personal CrossFit skills, developing / striving as a coach, and continuing to push my limits and the limits of our members.

  • CrossFit Level 1

Erin Wolfe, Trainer

Beginner Class, Rx Class, Em’s Fitcamp 

Coming from a background in marathon running, I never considered weightlifting, gymnastics, or anything that had to do with CrossFit. However, after I broke my fifth bone due to the stress running had on my body, my doctor told me it was time to find a new sport.

I stumbled into NewCov over four years ago and have been calling this my home ever since. Although I spent some time away living in Los Angeles, every time I made it back home I would stop in to see my NewCov family. This community is the most welcoming and supportive group of athletes I’ve ever known.

While in LA, I began to really work on my skills in order to take my fitness to the next level. I decided I wanted to pursue coaching, and obtained my CrossFit L-1 certification in 2016. From there I coached all over Los Angeles, while simultaneously training to become a better athlete. I was so happy to have the opportunity to coach at NewCov when I returned back to Ohio.

Although I absolutely love teaching the various skills, techniques, lifts, etc. that CrossFit offers; my most favorite part of it all is the athletes. Watching a beginner who struggles to lift the barbell transform over time into an athlete who competes in local competitions, the Open, and even onto Regionals is unbelievably rewarding. I love to think about the first coaches that I had at NewCov (Hi Emily and Alicia) and how much they shaped my life without them maybe even knowing it. I can only hope that someday I am able to do the same for someone else.

When I am not training or coaching, I am working at UC in the College of Medicine, or am leading worship on Sundays at Rivers Crossing Community Church in Mason, OH.

I also might be eating, I eat a lot.

Can’t wait to meet you at NewCov!

  • CrossFit Level 1

Steven Mavrolas, Trainer

Beginner Class, Rx Class, Em’s Fitcamp 

As an avid sports fan, I had always seen the CrossFit Games on ESPN and thought “that looks great” but never realized where I could take part of the action.

John Pasqaule had joined NewCov and always told me how much fun he was having doing CrossFit. I had been going to my local gym almost every day for years and felt like I needed something new. I went to a few community classes (even tripped while doing a box jump!) but instantly knew this was for me. After playing college baseball I was always looking for something to scratch that competitive ‘itch’. CrossFit was the perfect outlet for both. I was so excited to come back to the gym each day because there were so many new movements and skills to practice while competing with others.

Initially, coaching was never my intention but after a few years of training an opportunity arose and thought it would be a great next step. I wouldn’t have guessed how enjoying and rewarding it has been. Whether it’s teaching technique to hit a snatch or clean and jerk PR or even getting a first kipping pull-up or stringing toes to bar together, I love helping others improve.

Outside of the gym, I am still that same sports fan, but I try to remain active as possible. I play softball, golf, snowboard or any other activity available. I have been traveling a lot in the past few years and always enjoy dropping into other CrossFit gyms.

  • CrossFit Level 1

Will McClanahan, Trainer

Beginner Class, Rx Class, Em’s Fitcamp 

  • CrossFit Level 1

Rachel Hicks, Trainer

Rx Class

  • CrossFit Level 1

Julie Muehlenkamp, Trainer

Kids Classes 


Like so many others, I found myself hitting a workout plateau.  I had been going to a gym five days per week consistently, but not really seen any changes.  I tried everything, or at least I thought.  Then in the fall of 2012 I found a Groupon for Crossfit Covington, now known as NewCov Crossfit.  I had no idea what it was, I just knew it was close to my house and sounded like a change.  I also had no idea that, that Groupon was going to change the trajectory of my life, career, and approach to health and fitness.  After on ramp classes and my first WOD (Fight Gone Bad), I knew this was more than just a work out.  I had never had anyone circle around me and encourage me to finish a work out before, and if your first ever WOD is Fight Gone Bad, you know how important that is!

I was quickly taken aback by how much of a community feel I was walking into.  There were families, college students, professional adults, all working together towards the same goal yet still achieving individual successes.  I loved it.  I also took quick notice of the fact that the kids all very closely watched their parents from the babysitting room.  It was not uncommon to see a three year old doing burpees imitating their parent, or a teenager practicing pull ups.  I had always worked with children.  I was a teacher for years, and am now a Director at a Head Start Preschool agency in Cincinnati.  It seemed a natural fit to combine my love of fitness and Crossfit, with my passion for helping children find their confidence and establish healthy habits at an early age.

I talked with Emily, the owner, about the possibility of starting a Kids Program.  She was in full support and loved the idea.  There was no looking back from there.  I earned my Crossfit Level I certification with the goal of moving on to take the Crossfit Kids Course so I could work with the team and families at NewCov Crossfit to build a fun and engaging Kids Program.  Taking the foundational skills and philosophy from the CF- L1 and the Crossfit Kids Certification, we have combined that with my background in early care and education to provide our own unique and successful NewCov Kids Program for the members and children in the community.


  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CrossFit Kids Certified

Walker Wesdorp,

Rx Classes, Beginner Classes, Em’s Fitcamp


In 2012, on winter break of my senior year at the University of Kentucky, I went with my older brother to this new thing he had picked up called CrossFit. He had been nagging me for a while and I finally relented. By this time I had been avidly “working out” since high school and didn’t think trying CrossFit would be that big of a deal. Upon walking in to the box I noticed a woman’s name written on the board with a specific work out written below. “Fran”, yes that’s correct, they made me do Fran on my very first day of CrossFit ever. 15 minutes later I walked out of that CrossFit gym vowing never to return to this insane sport, convinced I had just been through a near death experience.

As I finished out the rest of my senior year, I continued to do the generic gym exercises I was accustom to. However, after experiencing that feeling of total (near death) exhaustion, everything I had ever known to be “working out” just did not feel like enough. Not long after the monotony of the generic gym forced me to once again try CrossFit.

CrossFit has been a large part of my life since 2013 and I truthfully believe it is the best way to obtain the fittest version of yourself. Not only physically, but mentally as well. I had always wanted to coach and it wasn’t until recently that my fiancé gave me the push to get my CF L1. I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to coach at NewCov to share and promote my passion. Thank you to NewCov for welcoming me with open arms!

  • CrossFit Level 1

Tony Brackett 

Rx Classes, Beginner Classes, Em’s Fitcamp


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