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Braley is one of the most dedicated members at NewCov. Emily says she participates in all events, social and competitive. “She’s always welcoming to new members, too.”

Coach Robert also praises her, saying, “is always putting in work, and is just a nice person.” Braley organized a fundraiser last month, called “Burpees For Hurricane Harvey Relief,” to help the citizens of her hometown of Houston, Texas. She promised to do 1 burpee for every dollar raised. She, along with fellow NewCov member, Haley Coleman, each completed 1,000 burpees in 3.5 hours, ran 4.5 miles and finally completed the remaining 432 burpees. She didn’t stop there. As a gym, NewCov members completed 1260 additional burpees. So Braley donated $126 of her own money to go with the original donation, to JJ Watt’s Houston Flood  Relief Fund.

1. What made you give CrossFit a try?

When I moved to Cincinnati 5 years ago to work at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, I had just finished graduate school and had not worked out in a long time. On top of it all, I had succumbed to unhealthy eating habits and very little sleep and just felt really crappy about myself in general. I tried a couple of local Globo gyms but never got motivated because I was in such a rut with my personal life. A co-worker told me about NewCov, and after the first couple of intro classes, I was hooked. Little did I know a CrossFit gym would be such a big part of my life and give me so many amazing friends, as well as my Aaron.

2. What did you think after your first WOD?

Holy balls. The first workout I remember doing was Baseline (modified- banded pull-ups). I remember I was very sweaty and wanted to die but also wanted to do it again when we were done.

3. What has been your favorite CrossFit memory so far?

I know everyone thinks I’m going to say my fave memory is doing 1,000 burpees in 3.5 hours for Hurricane Harvey Relief… But I have to go way back and say that doing the Valentine’s Day Massacre Competition (Feb 2015) with Aaron is my favorite memory for sure. I was so new to CrossFit and he was/still is so dreamy and confident and good at all the movements. I was so nervous. I couldn’t do pull ups yet but somehow managed to rep out a few pistol squats, which def caught his eye, I think.We didn’t win, Kelly and Tommy did, but that was a great day.

4. What is your favorite movement?

DEADLIFTS, rowing, assault bike, wall balls, and skwaaatzzzz…and twerking. Duh.

5. What is your least favorite movement?

Everyone knows it’s Handstand Push Ups. Barf.

6. Do you follow any specific diet?

Oh lawd. Currently, I’m eating really strict and healthy. Clean protein, veggies, fruit, no carbs. Cheat meals and alcohol only on weekends now that summer is over…booooo. Disclaimer: I do not stick to this year round and when I was doing Strongman/if I do it in the future again I eat all the carbs because as the wise Professor A. Wagner once told me, mass moves mass.

7. What has been the biggest improvement you’ve seen from your training?

My self-confidence. Before NewCov I didn’t think very much of myself or how I looked. Something that I will forever be grateful for is learning how to love my body and how being strong translates into every part of my life.

8. What advice do you have for beginners?

Make your time at the gym about you. You get out of it what you put in and it’s your journey. Take it slow,  learn how to do all the movements with good form, ask questions and don’t be afraid.

9. What are your goals for the future?

1. Continue to work on my positivity during lifting (mental toughness).
2. Make a plan and stick to it for each WOD.
3. Train my weaknesses.
4. Beat my rank in the Open from last year.

10. Any shout outs… Go for it!!

Coaches- thank you for sharing your wisdom with me even when I’m being loud and obnoxious. Y’all are the root of this gym and I would be a big lump on the floor without you guys.

Emily- thanks for being a great friend and being a terrific gym owner…love the Cov and love NewCov!

Jackie Wags- thanks for being my Kentucky Mom. It means more to me than you know. You are the kindest and most-fun Mom, and you are one heck of a photographer!

Haley- you already know how much I love you and your butt.

Kacie, Ally, Alicia- thanks for being amazing friends, accepting me, taking me under your wing and teaching me your ways of CrossFit. Y’all have so much talent and drive, thanks for giving me so much to learn from!

6 pm class- keep being the best group of guys and gals around…we get s&*% done and have fun!

Aaron- thank you for pushing me, making me keep my head up, and for teaching me that if I want to be better, I just have to suck less. Seeing you walk through those gym doors after work is still the best part of my day. You are my favorite person on Earth.

Why NewCov CrossFit?

Flexible to Your Schedule

The class times fit into everyone’s schedule


Babysitting is available during many of our classes

Proven Athletes

Great competitive athletes to meet—6x Regional Team at Crossfit Games

Large Facility

11,000 square foot facility, wide range of equipment, showers & more

Centrally Located

Less than one mile from downtown Cincinnati