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Katie has been a member at NewCov CrossFit since May 2018. NewCov CrossFit Coach Raquel Theodosopoulos stated that “Katie is a hard charger. She’s extremely competitive and willing to do the stuff that people won’t. The drills. The extra work. The technique. Overall an athlete.”

Coach Megan McDonald added, “Katie is a super sweet lady! And she works hard!”

Coach Erin Wolfe said that “Katie works so hard behind the scenes to improve her skills and has come so far since joining our gym. She is an incredible athlete.”

Coach Tony Brackett said, “Katie is very dedicated. I’ve seen multiple times where she is in a hurry and in full biz attire and still sheds the work clothes just to get a quick workout in. Or if she has plans, she finds just enough time to put in some work. Plus great attitude, is very coachable and always smiling.”

1. What made you give CrossFit a try?

I was searching for something that had the competitive nature that basketball had. That was my passion and since finishing college, I had not yet found it. Allison Butler mentioned she had started going (she was a college teammate of mine) so I decided to try it. Since the first day I walked into the gym, I loved it.

2. What did you think after your first WOD?

I remember thinking I was going to be extremely sore, but in a good way! Also, that I couldn’t wait to come back tomorrow.

3. What’s been you favorite CrossFit memory so far?

My favorite memory so far was when I got my first muscle up during the Open. There were a lot of people around cheering and it was just such a neat moment.

4. What’s your favorite movement?

I would say the same about the muscle up! But also, in general being in the Open. Coming to the Friday Night Lights and just seeing everyone cheering for each other was something really special to be a part of.

5. What’s your least favorite movement?

Anything that deals with snatching! I am really struggling to pick up this technique, but the coaches have really helped me, so I’m getting there.

6. Do you follow any specific diet?

I do. Over the years of being an athlete and weight training, I have learned what my needs are and I follow those. I count my calories and macros adjusting them based on what I am training for. Right now, I am also training the Flying Pig Half Marathon so I have added in more carbs to make sure I am energized for the running. Don’t get me wrong though, I have a huge sweet tooth, so I do treat myself!

7. What’s the biggest improvement you seen in your training?

his would definitely be the gymnastics side of CrossFit. When I first came in I had zero experience with any of these movements. Now I can do a muscle up and am working on the handstand walking, along with still progressing my kipping pull-ups, and toes to bar!

8. What advice do you have for beginners?

Stay patient. CrossFit is a very technique driven sport and it takes time to get these movement patterns. Stick with it, and you will see improvements. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are struggling. I have asked for so much help regarding things I can do on my own, and also with stretching and breaking down more complicated movements. The coaches are so willing to help! Lastly, don’t be intimidated. Everyone at the gym is on all different levels, don’t compare yourself to others, put in the work day in and day out and will get stronger!

9. What are your goals for the future?

Continue to get stronger and improve my technique! Also, I plan to do some more competitions. I just love the atmosphere!

10. Any shout outs…go for it!

To the Coaches- You all have helped me on so many occasions, and have pushed me to go places I didn’t know possible and it hasn’t just helped me in the gym setting, but in life. Especially Raquel and Johnny, I can’t thank you guys enough for listening to my frustrations, believing in me and pushing me to be better. Also, to Allison Butler for showing me this wonderful place, and being an awesome workout partner, and pushing me to be my best every day. Erica Miknius for constantly reminding me that I can do things I never think I can, and for pushing me to my limits. Finally, the people of NewCov. Everyone is so welcoming, and always willing to offer a hand to help out! At one point I was having car issues and someone I had never met overheard me talking that happened to be a mechanic and came out to look at my car to make sure it was safe for me drive. This meant the world to me, and just shows the kind of people we have in our NewCov family. This gym feels like home for me, and it is something I look forward to coming to every day. So thank you!

Congrats Katie! We are so proud to have you at NewCov CrossFit!

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