NewCov CrossFit To Host Internal Team Competition For CrossFit Open 2019

By: Monica Fritsch

The 2019 CrossFit Open is here! For the next five weeks, NewCov CrossFit will have an internal team competition for members who signed up to compete in the CrossFit Open. The response this year was overwhelming. Seven NewCov CrossFit teams of eighteen people. Each NewCov CrossFit team will be captained by one (two, for Team Mr. Clean and the Jerks) of our coaches. This year, Em’s Fitcamp is joining the fun with three teams of seven people, each captained by an Em’s Fitcamp member.

Not only is it a great opportunity for our members to compete, it’s an opportunity for them to develop camaraderie with each other and the community. Once teams were created via a draft, competitors chose team names and started posting funny memes and videos on Facebook to promote their team. Competitors also had the option of purchasing a T-shirt. Every week will have a different theme in which competitors can wear costumes while working out that fit each theme. Week 1’s theme is Decades.

Each week we’ll host Friday Night Lights. This is a night where competitors can complete the workouts in heats and in front of an enthusiastic audience. Our first Friday Night Lights will be February 22 with heats starting at 5:45 p.m.

Every competition needs prizes, right? The NewCov CrossFit internal team competition will have a wide variety of them. There will be weekly individual prizes for fun categories such as”Best Dressed”  and “Judged the Most People.” Also, the top two females and males with the highest scores after the five weeks win a FREE YEAR MEMBERSHIP. If a coach wins this title, they can give the free year to any gym member. Lastly, the winning team will have a CrossFit Games-style banner made to hang in our gym, “swag bag” full of sponsor prizes, and each member’s name on the winning team will be put into a raffle to win 3 FREE months of membership.

Anyone is welcome to come cheer on our NewCov CrossFit and Em’s Fitcamp members. We’d love for you to join us!


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