New Year Begins With A New Em’s Fitcamp Weight Loss Challenge

By: Monica Fritsch

Em’s Fitcamp Weight Loss Challenge has become one of the most popular programs at NewCov CrossFit. It all started two years ago and continues to grow. The next cycle will start on January 2nd and run until February 17th.

Em’s Fitcamp Weight Loss Challenge begins with a two hour nutrition seminar. Participants will get access to six weeks of unlimited Em’s Fitcamp and Beginner CrossFit classes, “Before” and “After” body measurements, and a customized meal plan.

Jackie Wagner in November 2018, after having participated in Em’s Fitcamp Weight Loss Challenges since June 2018.

Accountability is a major part of Em’s Fitcamp Weight Loss Challenge. Through regular check ins by NewCov CrossFit staff and an online support group via Facebook, participants will receive the extra motivation they need to complete Em’s Fitcamp Weight Loss Challenge and improve their health.

Fifty people will have the chance to start off 2019 with not only a healthier lifestyle, but a cash prize as well. The winner of the Em’s Fitcamp Weight Loss Challenge will win $1000! For more information, you can visit our website here.

Just in case you aren’t sold on competing in the Em’s Fitcamp Weight Loss Challenge, here are some testimonials from people in our NewCov CrossFit family!

Participants of Em’s Fitcamp.

“I love this place! I enjoy the Fitcamp and the instructors with the one on one attention! The workouts are challenging!” – Suzan Venable

“I have been to many gyms in the past and several that offer group fitness classes, but I have never experienced anything like I have at Newport Fitness. It’s the first time that I found a fitness program where I look forward to going everyday and I actually plan my day around going to the gym now. The classes are never the same from day to day, which means I’m never bored with my workout. The coaches are very skilled and incredibly helpful and encouraging. They have pushed me further than I ever could have pushed myself.” – Angela Harney

“A wonderful experience! I’ve enjoyed both Em’s Fitcamp and Beginner CrossFit over the past two months. I recommend both for folks just getting into fitness and don’t know where to start.” – Chad Seiter

“I love this gym! I signed up for a Fitcamp Challenge and it has been amazing! Seeing great results and feeling better each day! Every instructor has been nothing but nice and helpful. I look forward to working out everyday now!” – Rachel Stadelmann

“I have thoroughly enjoyed experience at Newport Fitness. Emily has excellent staff of trainers. Great place to experience CrossFit both at beginner and expert levels. Her boot camp classes are great introduction to transition into CrossFit RX. I am 55 years old, but have felt welcomed from the start. Intense workouts but modified to my level.” – John Little

“The staff is great and motivating! I love how there is a new workout everyday! I lost 12lbs. and 12 inches for my first Challenge! Come join us!” – Rachel Holloran

“Great gym. Coaches really know their stuff and the community is very welcoming.” – Scott Kinkley

“The instructors are wonderful. Every instructor has his own style of motivating people. I love Newport Fitness. I would definitely recommend to try out a free class on Saturday.

I have gym in my apartment, but I still go to the class at Newport fitness just because the instructors support you to complete the workout for the day.” – Sneha Komma

“Em’s Fitcamp is exactly what I needed to get me moving again. The weight loss challenge is the first fitness program I ever actually stuck to and completed! The entire staff is there to teach, motivate, and high five you after a hard workout. There was zero intimidation and in fact your fellow members became your biggest cheerleaders. So glad I joined this fit fam!” – Megan Schubert

“I’ve really enjoyed being part of the Fitcamp classes! They are easy to modify to be more challenging or to scale back. I especially like the laid back approach and community feel that Fitcamp offers! I’m glad to be back with the Newcov/Newport Fitness community!” – Janean Parsons