Desire To Inspire

By: Monica Fritsch

Owner/Founder of M_pire, Megan McDonald, is one of the most supportive and dedicated fitness trainers you will ever meet.

“I believe in people and their ability to overcome whatever obstacle,” McDonald says. “And I can clap really loud.”

McDonald knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur since she was a child, after reading her father’s magazines on the topic. She started M_pire in June 2015. At the time, she was a server at Bonefish Grill and boxing coach at The Punch House. On top of that, she was obtaining her bachelor’s of science in food and nutrition with a concentration in exercise science at the University of Cincinnati.

“I’ve never been one to take orders well, so I decided I wanted to live by my own,” McDonald says.

With an innate ability to connect with people and an interest in all aspects of health and fitness made McDonald want to give her clients options. M_pire offers personal training, boxing bootcamp, and Girls With Goals, another bootcamp-style workout, that meets on Saturday mornings. All of these services are provided right here at NewCov CrossFit, but you can contact her directly at the M_pire website.

While McDonald has always been hard-working and ambitious, she hasn’t always had self-confidence and it’s something that she sometimes struggles with.

“It takes work loving yourself 100 percent,” McDonald says. “I’m not there yet, but I’m closer every day.”

McDonald has also been working on not comparing herself to others. This is a trait she has passed onto personal training clients, Julie Jones and Catherine Cook.

“She pushes you within your own boundaries,” Jones says. “She wants you to be the best you can be, not the best of what someone else is doing.”

Jones and McDonald during a personal training session.

“She recognized that I may not be at my best, but was still always encouraging me to push past the things that I was mentally allowing to hold me back,” Cook says.

Jones and Cook have been clients of McDonald’s for several years, and have always thought McDonald is a great motivator. This was especially true recently as both went through chemotherapy and for Jones, radiation treatments for breast cancer. Jones kept the same training schedule before, during, and after treatments, but fatigue occasionally set in and she had to catch her breath more often. Cook took three months off of her training with McDonald, and rejoined her and Jones halfway through her treatments.

“She (McDonald) allowed me the time I needed but encouraged me to keep going,” Jones said. “Stopping wasn’t an option, but modifying or going slower was.”

“She was, and really has been, one of the most positive and upbeat humans I have ever met, Cook says. “If you’re ever having a bad day, all you need to do is stop by to see Megan!”

Cook and McDonald going for a run.

Jones describes McDonald as a “bright light in many people’s lives” and believes that she would still be motivating people to be their best selves, even if it wasn’t her career.

“Even though I eye-roll a lot during my training sessions, I appreciate her and what she brings to my life,” Jones says.

“She puts everything she has into seeing her clients succeed,” Cook says.

Impacting people’s lives and creating joy and positivity is something McDonald says she will always be passionate about, regardless of someone’s age, gender, or ability level.

“Most of my clients need an accountability partner, a friendly ear to listen, and a kick-butt workout.”




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