Kettlebells and Wedding Bells

By: Monica Fritsch

Sweetest Day is right around the corner and we thought it would be fun to share some of the love stories that began at NewCov CrossFit. Instead of swiping left or right on Tinder, nine married couples and one engaged couple put in time on their left and right arm kettlebell snatches. “It’s so much fun to have a spouse who you can get excited about WODs (workouts of the day) and PRs (personal records) with!” Hahna Kunkel says.

Hahna and Jerome Kunkel both joined NewCov CrossFit in August of 2014 and met when Jerome started coaching Hahna. “Both of us definitely considered it a possibility,” Haha says. “We both realized that people who are into CrossFit usually have a lot of the same lifestyle habits and interests.”

“My first impression was that Hahna was quiet, very pretty, and a hard worker,” Jerome says.

Engaged couple Kevin Eviston and Vicky Bolger met when their fellow CrossFitter put together a team for the 2017 Barbell Blitz, a competition held by NewCov CrossFit but are members of different gyms. Kevin didn’t start CrossFit planning to find a significant other, but wasn’t opposed to it either. Vicky on the other hand, was hopeful. “I had always wanted to meet a guy at the gym, so we would have shared interests and goals,” Vicky Bolger says.

Some of the couples weren’t looking for love at NewCov CrossFit. “We were just there to be in shape and have fun,” Lindsay Archer says.

“I met a lot of incredible friends and thought maybe I could meet ‘The One’ through those new friends,” Monica Nieman says. “But I had so many terrible dates, I wasn’t holding my breath.”

Lindsay and Matt Archer met at a Saturday noon workout in 2011 and married in April of 2013. Monica and Chris Nieman met at a dinner with fellow CrossFitters and married in May of 2014. Kacie and Steven Nelson also met through fellow CrossFitters, and married in October 2016. Each couple has multiple children and do their best to work out together with growing families. “The real changes are figuring this out with two toddlers,” Monica says. “We are each other’s biggest fans and will do whatever the other needs in any situation.”

“Our habits did change,” Lindsay says. “We used to work out almost every day. Now we do it when we can fit it in.”

With their wedding about a month away, Vicky and Kevin’s workout habits haven’t changed much because they both still attend 6 a.m. WODs. “If our habits changed at all after we got together, it would be that we both had someone closer to be an accountability partner and keep ourselves inline and extra dedicated,” Kevin says.

While all of these couples have unique love stories, one thing they agree on is that the social aspect of CrossFit is just as beneficial as physically working out. “Healthy relationships and the support system CrossFit provides are very beneficial to anyone’s health and happiness,” Jerome says.

Kacie was looking for a new routine and group of friends, after going through a divorce. “NewCov members were very accepting and of course always a blast!”

Chris says that he and Monica went as far as to have a “CrossFit table” at their wedding for all of their CrossFit-loving friends and that they were the rowdiest group. “I think a lot of people who have never tried CrossFit and don’t understand it, might not get how much of a community it really is.”

Kevin says that he and Vicky are glad they started CrossFit. “Not only has it changed our lives physically and mentally, we are fortunate enough to have found our soulmate.”