It Doesn’t Get Easier, You Just Get Better

By: Monica Fritsch

NewCov CrossFit member Camille Grizovic lost 70 lbs. After trying to lose weight on her own in the past with no success, Grizovic decided to try something different when she saw an advertisement for Em’s Fitcamp Weight Loss Challenge on Facebook. She says that all of the other information on the internet about losing weight and what to eat is difficult to follow.

Em’s Fitcamp Weight Loss Challenge combines Em’s Fitcamp classes and a specialized nutrition plan. It has become a popular aspect of NewCov CrossFit and Grizovic particularly loves it. “It really takes the guesswork out of beginning a weight loss journey,” Grizovic says.

Front flexing, Camille Grizovic’s before and after.

Her weight loss journey began just after Thanksgiving in 2017. She says she was disgusted after seeing pictures of herself. “I didn’t feel like I looked like that,” Grizovic says.

She didn’t tell anyone she was starting a new health and fitness program. “I wanted the results to speak for themselves.”

Grizovic says that taking Em’s Fitcamp classes six days per week and following the nutrition plan has given her more consistent results. She made excuses for herself in the past, including her lack of time to work out. However that excuse is invalid now. “The Fitcamp times take out the ‘I don’t have time excuse because they’re literally all day.”
She also attributes her success to the sense of community at NewCov CrossFit. “The concept of a community gym is huge to me.”

Back flexing, Camille Grizovic’s before and after.

Quality trainers are also important at any fitness facility and Grizovic feels like she’s gotten top-notch instruction at NewCov CrossFit from Johnny Pasquale and Steven Mavrolas. She says Mavrolas always makes sure she’s challenging herself and Pasquale once told her it doesn’t get easier, you just get better. “I think that is the most important thing anyone could have told me,” Grizovic says.

When Grizovic started at NewCov CrossFit, her goal was just to feel better about herself. “I haven’t stopped feeling better since I started.”