Kids Can Do CrossFit, Too

As CrossFit continues to expand across the country, it’s also beginning to increase its offerings. When most people think about CrossFit, heavy weightlifting for adults might come to mind. However, the CrossFit community is beginning to grow with the addition of CrossFit Kids.

Exercising isn’t just for adults, after all. In fact, cardiovascular activities help children develop muscle, coordination, and strength, which all help them with daily activities. Parents don’t have to worry about finding a safe place for kids to play while they work on their fitness because with CrossFit Kids, the whole family can work out together!

Exercise should be something to look forward to, not something you dread. That’s why CrossFit Kids makes working out fun. These kid-friendly workout classes are designed for children between the ages of 3 and 12, who are interested in improving athletic capacity through strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, running, jumping, and throwing. CrossFit Kids uses elements of play, like teamwork and bonding, while teaching the fundamentals of exercise and healthy lifestyle habits. You might find the 3-5 year olds playing hot potato and playing tag while the older kids tackle the fundamentals of lifting through kids’ barbells and PVC pipes.

CrossFit Kids member, Gracie Brackett lifts dumbbells during class.

In CrossFit Kids, the workouts adapt to meet the needs of kids as they begin to get older. For kids who are looking for a challenge, or even a new a sport, the Barbell Club is a great place to begin. Designed for kids and teens ages 9 to 18, the Barbell Club introduces the basics of Olympic Weightlifting. These classes put a heavy emphasis on important athletic skills like coordination and flexibility. Kids will learn the technique for the Clean & Jerk and Snatch, while working on movements that keep all of their muscles strong and flexible. The Barbell Club also prepares kids to compete in Olympic Weightlifting meets. Kids are incredible! In fact, one member just completed a 130 lbs. overhead lift.

Exercising isn’t only about building strength and endurance. CrossFit Kids uses exercise as a way to teach children about goal setting, teamwork, and leadership. One element that makes CrossFit so successful for both kids and adults, is the emphasis it puts on community. Not only will kids be able to build common ground with their CrossFit parents, but they also receive the opportunity to build a community of their own. As kids learn to support each other through fitness challenges and play, they also begin to learn how to navigate the world with people who have different backgrounds and abilities.

CrossFit Kids Trainer Assistant, Caroline Schuh, leads the class in Box Jumps.

At NewCov CrossFit, we are committed to developing healthy people and healthy families. We want children to see their parents work on their fitness, and we want kids to know the feeling that comes with great accomplishments and strength—both physical and mental.

Visit our website for more information, or come to a class and see what it’s all about! We welcome families, individuals, and children ages three or older.

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