Kevin Eviston Keeps the Weight Off

By: Monica Fritsch

Losing weight and keeping it off is challenging. However longtime NewCov CrossFit member, Kevin Eviston, did just that losing over 100 lbs.

Family history of health issues discovered in May 2013 was the catalyst for Eviston to change his lifestyle. “I could finally see the road I was going down and knew I had to do something different,” Eviston said.”I would look in the mirror and knew I wasn’t being the best version of me, and I needed to change that.”

Eviston’s first step was to change his dietary habits. He cut out all fast food and alcohol, and made a conscience effort to eat and drink healthier in general. “At first, it really sucked giving up all the things I loved and was so used to eating and drinking.” Eviston said.

Eviston, in July of 2012.

Being around family and friends was difficult as they still consumed the things he once enjoyed. While they were supportive of his lifestyle change, they didn’t realize how difficult it was, and often tempted him to cheat. “They would often say, ‘Oh, you can have this today!’ or ‘Just one piece won’t hurt.’”

After a few months of his dietary changes, Eviston decided to change his exercise routine too. He bought a bike and rode it everywhere. He also did home video program, while running, and what he calls “bro sessions,” at a traditional fitness facility.

When Eviston started getting bored with those methods in October 2014, his friends, Derek Kidney and Danny Schultz, convinced him to try a Saturday community class at NewCov CrossFit. “Once I came down and checked it out, I was instantly hooked,” Eviston said.

Eviston loves the variety that CrossFit offers. “There’s always something to work on or new challenges to push towards.” Eviston said.

Eviston with his fiancée, Vicky Bolger, in August 2018.

After his five-year health and fitness journey, Eviston now has the full understanding and support of his friends and family as well as his fiancée, Vicky Bolger. Bolger has similar health and fitness goals, so the couple works out together and spends a lot of time meal prepping.

“There have been a lot of ups and downs along the way, and some days are harder than others,” Eviston said. “But stick with it, because it’s totally worth it in the end.”

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